Dame Ruth Bainbridge

Name: Dame Ruth Bainbridge
Date of birth: 4/15/2071
Calling: Mourner
Titles: Baronetess
National origin: England
Close Family:
Father – Sir Daniel Bainbridge (deceased)
Mother – Lady Rebecca Bainbridge
Older brother – Mason Bainbridge (deceased)
Organizational affiliation(s): Oxford and Bleaker LLC, formally the The Mourners guild

Appearance: Ruth Bainbridge was a stunningly fit woman, having been trained formally as a morner and physically conditioned in training with her father and older brother. Her brown hair kept practically short and her clothing fitting for her station and line of work made for perfectly tailored protective suits of armor. Ruth had her share of scars but they seemed only to enhance her beauty. Ruth usually could be seen with her legendary Exculpus named Clear Cut and wearing some sort of leather or rubber light armor. When in social gatherings Ruth would regularly be dressed in her finery, most of her jewelry being historical pieces from her noble family.

Backstory: Born as the 2nd child to the Baronet Sir Daniel Bainbridge, Ruth was an unexpected surprise of a child since her mother, Lady Rebecca Bainbridge was not expected to have another child after a very hard pregnancy with her first child Mason. From an early age, it was understood that tradition dictated that Mason would end up with his father’s title and thus most of the family estate. Sir Daniel however did not ignore or shun his second child, but instead made sure her upbringing was a proper and privileged one but also one full of adventure.

Ruth was an adventurous child, often using her family’s wealth and power to go on exciting expeditions and to take trainings that peaked her interest. Sir Daniel and then Mason after him, both were members of the british army and were both renowned for their battlefield prowess. Ruth was no exception to this and followed in their footsteps, learning the way of swords, guns and fists. From an early age, Ruth was very interested in becoming a Mourner and started Mourner training after a full childhood of a proper education, fantastic globe trotting and physical military caliber training and quickly became of the fasting rising stars in the The Mourners guild.

On the eve of her graduation from The Mourners guild training, tragic news of a ship carrying both her father and her older brother sinking changed everything for Ruth. She soon inherited her father’s title and his estate. At this sudden change of events, Ruth was excused from her Mourner training and soon found herself working with her mother to manage the family affairs. Sir Daniel had left the family in a good spot financially and Ruth found herself set for life and with far more free time.

The Bainbridge family had always had a positive and exciting reputation in London and Ruth did everything she could to uphold it when her father and brother passed away. She was the life of any party she was at and wild rumors spoke of her prowess with any weapons or even in a fist fight. She began to collect a wide range of friends from all parts of the Neo-victorian society. One night in a drunken bar room party, she founded the now famous Oxford and Bleaker LLC mercenary company.

What started off as mostly a joke between her and some of her closest friends, soon gained important backers and clients. Ruth suddenly found herself partly in charge of one of the most respected mercenary companies in all of southern England. Ruth was surprisingly well suited for the mercenary life and the first few years of the company were very successful.

Recently tragedy befell the Bainbridge family once more and Ruth’s death was reported under strange circumstances. Ruth was given the honor of being mourned by a member of The Mourners guild, and laid to rest 1 month before the start of the game. She is survived by her mother, the de facto heir of the family’s estate, but not her husband’s title. Oxford and Bleaker LLC still operates in the south England area and is run by several of her close friends.

Dame Ruth Bainbridge

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