Vanessa Blanch


Name: Vanessa Blanch
Date of birth: 4/27/2064
National origin: England
Organizational affiliation(s): The Whitechapel soup Kitchen

Appearance: Vanessa appears to be on the young side of her middle age, but the constant state of stress that she is under and the ragged clothing she wears makes her appear older to those that don’t know her. She’s always trying to keep in good spirits and is a positive figure in any crowd she is in.

Backstory: Vanessa grew up in a middle class family in London’s northend and with her family, while she was growing up, she would volunteer her time at The Whitechapel soup Kitchen. In her early 20’s Vanessa met her now husband at The Whitechapel soup Kitchen and the two endeavored to make the place better for the citizens of Whitechapel. Vanessa was able to gather up donations from several noble backers including Dame Ruth Bainbridge which helped get the organization more stable. Things were going well for the charity until Vanessa’s husband died of an illness. Since then, Vanessa has had to focus more on the day to day running of the charity and less on gathering donations which have since dried up.

Vanessa Blanch

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