The Exchange

Mission name: The exchange
Organization hired by: The Gray skull
Tags: Criminal, negotiations
PCs on the mission: William Winthrop, Ada Viola Spenser, Alexander DeWitt IV, Tobias Clarke, Leticia Whitehall, Joe, Dave
Hosting Location: Violence committee HQ
Mission pitch line: Trade off a member of the Gray skull for information.

Planning: The PCs have organized an exchange with The Gray skull for one of their captured men for information or money. The Gray skull are willing to pay money for their man back. The PCs have free range on how they want to go about setting up this exchange.

The tasks set out for the party are the following:

-Meet with The Gray skull reps
-Conduct an exchange

Acceptable results:

-Organize a meeting with the The Gray skull
-Meet with The Gray skull reps at an organized meet up
-Have a meaningful conversation with The Gray skull

Above and beyond results

-See the mysterious figure

GM notes:

Out come:

The PCs first spoke with Officer Luke Bushway in regards to getting Fredrick back from the custody of The Metropolitan police’s Psi Branch. Once the PCs had made agreements with him, Fredrick was remanded to their custody, who then waited for them to make arrangements with The Gray skull reps and set up a meeting. At the meeting they called on the help of Mitchel Ottis and Terrible Tanya for the meeting. The meeting involved a tense negotiation but eventually resulted in a warning from Madam Emma of The Gray skull in regards to the PCs not interfering with their plans. Fredrick was turned back over The Gray skull and the PCs were paid for the exchange.

Rewards: 9 wealth (4 of which went to PCs and 5 of which went to the company)

The Exchange

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