Susan Page


Name: Susan Page
Date of birth: 11/7/2086
Calling: Psychic
National origin: England
Organizational affiliation(s): The Metropolitan police’s Psi Branch

Appearance: Very pale and usually sickly looking, Susan has heavy bags under her eyes and doesn’t look like she sleeps much. She’s usually well dressed and pretty much only ever seen at the side of Officer Luke Bushway

Backstory: Orphaned at a young age when both of her parents passed away in an Animate outbreak in Bromley, Susan spent a short amount of time at an orphanage before her powers were discovered by the staff of the orphanage. She was brought to the attention of The Metropolitan police’s Psi Branch and then Officer Luke Bushway who took her in and kept watch over her until she was old enough to officially join Psi Branch. Since her official joining, her and Officer Luke Bushway have made a great team.

Susan Page

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