Officer Luke Bushway


Name: Luke Bushway
Date of birth: 10/14/2063
Calling: Parapsychologist
Titles: Inspector
National origin: England
Organizational affiliation(s): The Metropolitan police’s Psi Branch

Appearance: Middle aged with a neatly trimmed beard. Officer Bushway is normally dressed in his police uniform which has some of his Parapsychology gear hanging from it. He’s usually seen in the company of his partner and assistant Susan Page.

Backstory: Luke Bushway was originally a member of The Metropolitan police’s Criminal Investigation department but moved to Psi Branch after he went back to school for Parapsychology. Officer Bushway was given his own team and quickly became one of the most respected officers in Psi Branch. A few years ago he met Susan Page, who he has become somewhat of an adopted father figure of despite claiming to be bad at such things.

Officer Luke Bushway

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