Nolan Webster


Name: Nolan Webster
Date of birth: 5/10/2088
Calling: Aristocrat
Titles: Marquis to be
National origin: England
Organizational affiliation(s):

Appearance: Although dressed in expensive clothing, it’s usually in various states of disheveled or dirty. Sometimes well kept, but other times very much in various states of strung out from partying or general gallivanting. Nolan does not look healthy despite his excess to the finer things in life and the ability to lead an upper class lifestyle.

Backstory: The second born child to Marquis Micheal Webster and Marquess Haley Webster, it was originally intended for Nolan’s older sister Emily Webster to take the title eventually, however his father soon decided that they would follow the family tradition and allow the first born son to take the title. As Nolan’s teenage years wore on, it became very clear that he was going to be a very underwhelming noble in general. Nolan is widely rumored to have a drug problem and generally disregards his schooling in favor of a life of partying that neither of his parents have put any effort into stopping.

Nolan Webster

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