Noises in the cellar

Mission name: Noises in the cellar
Organization hired by: The Whitechapel soup Kitchen
Tags: Combat
PCs on the mission: Isabel Smith, Jack “Lone Star” Reeves, Joe, Lord Isaac Ashworth, Ada Viola Spenser, Tobias Clarke, James, William Winthrop
Hosting Location: Violence committee HQ
Mission pitch line: Help the The Whitechapel soup Kitchen clear out it’s basement.


Vanessa Blanch, the head of volunteers at the The Whitechapel soup Kitchen has put out a message to Oxford and Bleaker LLC to see if they could help with clearing out their basement of whatever noises are keeping people up at night. It’s widely known that Dame Ruth Bainbridge used to volunteer for this charity and they are reaching out to her old company for help.

This mission can be done pro-bono or for a small amount of money. If the players opt to do the mission for free, they will be rewarded in Salvation instead of wealth.

The tasks set out for the party are the following:

-Meet with Vanessa Blanch and discuss the needs of her organization
-Tour The Whitechapel soup Kitchen
-Clear out whatever is down in the basement of the old building.

Acceptable results:

-Clear the first floor of the basement
-Clear the second floor of the basement
-Clear the third floor of the basement

Above and beyond results

-Clear the fourth floor of the basement
-Discover the tunnel to the dig site

GM notes:

The mission is organized by Vanessa Blanch, the head of volunteers at the The Whitechapel soup Kitchen and she’s seeking the help of Oxford and Bleaker LLC in regards to noises she’s been hearing the basement of the building that the soup kitchen is being run out of. The soup kitchen has fallen on hard times in recent months and is no longer looked after by it’s old patron Dame Ruth Bainbridge. Vanessa Blanch explains that they’ve put together a small amount of money to compensate the PCs with but the option to help for free is on the table.

Once te PCs arrive at The Whitechapel soup Kitchen, Vanessa Blanch will offer to show them around and further explain the organization’s hard times. Eventually, she will show the PCs to the basement where several members of the staff have heard strange noises come from. The noises have been happening for some time now, however, they have been growing louder over the last few weeks. The basement is currently completely blocked up by debris and will need to be cleared before the PCs can journey below.

Basement level 1 – In the first layer of the basement, there are several dusty rooms and faint lighting. It’s clear that this floor used to be used as part of the building above. Once down the stairs to this floor, there are several Animates on this level that will need to be cleared out. Once the Animates are cleared out, the PCs will need to take a closer look to find the staircase down.

Basement level 2 – In the second layer of the basement, Many parts of this level are compromised structurally and the PCs will need to be careful as to not collapse the walls or floors of the building. If any PCs fall through the floor, they will fall into the flooded 3 level of the basement. This level is also dark and hard to navigate. Eventually the PCs will find that this floor is clear of Animates and there is another staircase downward.

Basement level 3 – The majority of this floor is flooded, but with proper checks, the PCs can see that there is a drainage system that can be activated on the far side of the room. Once the drainage system has been activated, submerged Animates will stir and attack the PCs. Any PCs that get into the water may also be attacked by the submerged Animates. Once across the floor and the floor is cleared, the PCs will have to look around the entrance to the 4th basement. This floor is also without light.

Basement level 4 – The water from the third floor has since drained into and past this level making everything wet and slippery. This floor is not lit and a sleeping Vampire has been awoken by the drained water. As a note, if the 3rd floor is not drained, this level is not wet and the Vampire is not awake, allowing the players to pass through without issue. At the end of this floor is a tunnel where the players may run into Sir Walter Linton and Sir Jacob Moody.

Out come: After meeting with Vanessa Blanch, the PCs quickly went to work on clearing out the stairs down and then clearing out the multiple basement levels of the building. They dealt with all the Animates very quickly and without issue. They drained the 3rd floor and pressed on all the way to the final basement level where they killed a Vampire and eventually ran into Sir Walter Linton and Sir Jacob Moody who told them that this tunnel system connects out to a much large tunnel network that seemingly connects all the way back to the dig site they found in the Tower Hamlets. The party was careful to collect the heads of many Animates and took some loot from that.

Rewards: 7 salvation

Noises in the cellar

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