Tag explanations
Calling: Whenever a calling is tagged you can assume the mission is geared towards the things that calling can do.

Organization: If an organization is tagged in the mission that usually denotes who is running the mission and what organizations you can expect to see during the mission. Sometimes an organization not tagged in a mission will show up in a mission.

Investigation: Missions tagged with ‘Investigation’ are missions that have extensive investigating to be done during them to get the full story of the mission.

Occult: Missions tagged with ‘Occult’ are missions that deal in the supernatural and it’s understood that characters with callings geared towards that are expected for the players to get the full story of the mission.

Illegal: Missions tagged with Illegal are missions for criminal organizations that have you doing things that are illegal and thus, outside the interest of many characters. As a note, not all missions for criminal organizations are marked as Illegal.

Short: Missions tagged with short are missions that should take less time than normal missions. Most missions last between 4 to 6 hours were as a short mission should be more like 3 to 4 hours.

Combat: Missions tagged with combat allow the players to assume that combat may feature prominently in the mission. players and characters looking to avoid combat should keep a look out for this tag.

Small party friendly: Missions tagged as small party friendly can be run with a smaller than usual party. Most missions need at least 4 people to run. small party missions can function with just 3.

Injury friendly: missions tagged as injury friendly are designed to be less combat focused and will feature content able to be done by players who are injured.

Art: missions with the art tag will utilize skills that don’t normally come up in this game.

Exploration: Missions with the exploration tag will help you learn more about the setting and the interesting areas in and around London.

Negotiations: Missions with the Negotiations tag will often require lots of networking and communication with NPCs in the mission.

Tech: Missions with the Tech tag will use Technology from the setting in interesting ways.

Invite only: Missions tagged with the Invite only tag are missions that only certain players can go on. If you’re unsure of whether or not that means you, ask the GM.

Backstory: Missions tagged with the backstory tag are missions that are important to the backstory of a PC

Salvation: A mysterious tag indeed

Available missions
Head hunting: Someone’s been taking heads from other undertakers. Find out who. Tags: Combat, Investigation, The office of Urban defense, Undertaker

Jerry-rigged: Help repair an airship for the Sparrows flight delivery service. Tags: Crafting, Sparrows flight delivery service, Small party friendly, Injured friendly, Tech

Graffiti city: Help the South end bullies place tags all over their turf in south London. Tags: Art, Combat, Illegal, Criminal, South end bullies

Rat food: Help The river rats steal food for their organization. Tags: Investigation, Combat, illegal, Criminal, The river rats, anarchist

Sample Gathering: Help London University’s Biology department gather medical samples for medical research. Tags: injured friendly, Doctor, small party friendly, London University

The Aristocrat – Help Iron James’s bodyguard company escort a noble. Tags: Iron James’s bodyguard company, Aristocrat, combat

The righteous path 2 – Retrieve hold relics from a ruin outside of London for The Church of England. Tags: Exploration, The Church of England, combat

Ghost ship – Assist The New East India trading company with a compromised vessel. Tags: The New East India trading company, occult, combat

Hyde park Horror – Help Father Clarence Dartmouth investigate strange spiritual events near Hyde park. Tags: Occult, Investigation, The Roman Catholic Church

The history of London part 2 – Continue to investigate the dig site in London. Tags: Exploration, Combat, Tech

House of lords vote – Vote in session of the house of lords. Tags: Negotiations, Injury friendly, Invite only, Salvation

The informant – Help Sir Gregory Mulburn track down information about The Gray skull. Tags: Exploration, Investigation, Backstory

The lighthouse – Work with the Parapsychology department at London University to gather spirits from a lighthouse. Tags: Occult, Tech, Medium, Parapsychologist

Leominster Hall – Visit a dilapidated mansion out in the wastes. Tags: backstory, Combat, Invite only.

Red Pyramids – Attend a function put on by The Followers of Set. Tags: Occult, Investigation, Salvation

The devil’s pit – Help the The death watch‘s Penal Corps respond to a haunting at one of it’s mines. Tags: Occult, Investigation, Penal Corps

The death of Charley Birch – Look into the death of a member of Oxford and Bleaker with The Metropolitan police’s Criminal Investigation department. Tags: Investigation, Detective, Salvation

Completed missions

Arc 1 (The last living souls)
We take walk ins (7/4/19 – 7/5/19)
The Bureaucrat (7/6/19)
Shipping and receiving (7/10/19)
Quitting time: (7/14/19)
White Chapel exorcism (7/15/19)
Entry level work (7/24/19 – 7/25/19)
Little ghost (8/1/19)
History of London part 1 (8/2/19)
Dissension in the ranks (8/8/19)
Routine maintenance (8/11/19)
Open session 1 (8/13/19)
The righteous path 1 (8/22/19)
The curious party of Marquis Webster (8/26/19 – 8/31/19)

Arc 2 (Broken)
Cleaning up (9/9/19 – 9/10/19)
Luxury tax (9/16/19)
Liars in Babylon (9/19/19)
Short fuse (9/23/19 – 9/25/19)
Wedding vows (9/26/19 – 9/27/19)
Recovery expedition (9/29/19)
Paid in full (10/11/19)
Escaped psychic (10/12/19)
Open Session 2 (10/18/19)
Noises in the cellar (10/19/19)
Smash and grab (10/24/19)
Counterfeit chems (10/27/19 – 10/28/19)
The Exchange (11/8/19 – 11/9/19)
King of Kings (11/16/19)
Urban exploration (11/17/19)
Gotta knock a little harder (11/22/19)
310 to Oxford (11/30/19)

Arc 3 (Busted and Blue)
Weapon check (12/5/19)
Electric Avenue (12/6/19)


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