Lorenzo Marino


Name: Lorenzo Marino
Date of birth: 1/29/2083
National origin: The Papal States
Organizational affiliation(s): City of London police

Appearance: A well built, clean cut young man who’s Italian heritage is clear in his slightly darker skin tones. Lorenzo is always dressed in regulation approved uniforms of the City of London police and is usually equipped with their standard gear.

Backstory: Although born in The Papal States, Lorenzo immigrated to London at a very young age. His family, like many from The Papal States, ended up in London’s little Italy in Shoreditch. Unlike most Italian families however, Lorenzo’s family did not end up working with or for The Copella family mafia. Considered to be suspicious by most of the Italian in London, Lorenzo decided to embrace that suspicion and joined City of London police. Since joining that police force it’s become clear to many in that organization that he was not going to be involved in their dirty dealings.

Lorenzo Marino

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