King of Kings

Mission name:
Organization hired by: Oxford and Bleaker LLC
Tags: Exploration, Investigation, negotiations, Occult
PCs on the mission: William Winthrop, Ada Viola Spenser, Tobias Clarke, Leticia Whitehall, Joe, James
Hosting Location: Violence committee HQ
Mission pitch line: Attend the opening ceremonies at the Temple of Set


The Followers of Set are hosting the grand opening of their museum and temple and have organized a series of challenges for those attending the event. At the end of the event there will be a seance where they will talk to the spirit of an ancient pharaoh. The PCs will try and get access to the special event a number of ways. During an open party session, the challenges will be spread out around the museum and be available to the PCs

The tasks set out for the party are the following:

-Attend the event
-Meet members of The Followers of Set
-Learn more about the cult
-Attend the seance

Acceptable results:

-Attend the party
-Meet members of The Followers of Set
-Take part in a challenge
-Attend the poetry reading

Above and beyond results

-Win a challenge
-Attend the seance
-Discover an assassin

GM notes:

The PCs will be able to attend the event without issue, all of them were invited by The Followers of Set. The leader of The Followers of Set is Lord Mason Truce, a well to do Baron who’s a reknown world traveler. While traveling aboard to Egypt he met Rashida Lapis who taught him the mysterious powers of being a medium. Both of these people have worked long and hard to make The Followers of Set a powerful organization and moved them to London to be on display to all neo-victorian culture. Abrax Fallah was a man who came with them to London from Egypt and serves The Followers of Set as their head of security.

When the PCs arrive, they will be allowed to keep reasonable weapons by security and will be able to make a donation. Any PC who makes a donation of at least 5 wealth will automatically get invited to the seance at the end of the night. Once the party has started, PCs will be able to wander the entry level of the temple and interact with the hosts and fellow party goers. They will hear about a poetry reading later on in the night and a series of challenges that will be going on that may grant them access to the seance

The following are the challenges available during the party:

Gambling – Someone who’s already won a ticket has put one up in a game of poker
History contest – A series of history questions will be asked
Poetry contest – After the poetry reading, there will be a chance to write your own poem
Archery contest – Target practice with a bow and arrow
Dueling contest – Duels will be allowed in good sport
Drinking contest – An unofficial contest will be started at the bar

Other ways of gaining access to the seance would be to seduce either Lord Mason Truce or Rashida Lapis or have the title of Marquis or higher.

During the party there are several important members of society at the party, some of which the PCs have met before. An assassin from the The Gray skull is stalking one of the party goers. If the PCs manage to find the assassin, they will have a chance to foil the assassination attempt.

NPCs at the event:

Sir Walter Linton – Head of the History department at London University
Sir Jacob Moody – Leader of The Cartographers guild
Bruce Wagner – Assistant to Sir Walter Linton
Justin Gray – Party Crasher
Sir Avery Owens – Knight who brought some drugs to the party
Sir Gregory Mulburn – A mysterious figure indeed

At the end of the night, those who are not invited to the seance will be asked to leave and the seance will be held in the temple’s main chamber. Lord Mason Truce and Rashida Lapis will be present for the seance. The seance will actually summon an ancient pharaoh who will speak through Rashida Lapis. Two important lines will be mentioned. One is about how this isn’t the first time the dead have risen in the world, and the other is about how it ended last time with the undead rising up and walking into the ocean.

Out come: The PCs arrived at the party with some of them bringing dates. They met with several members of The Followers of Set and attended several of the contests to get tickets to the seance. During the party they were able to uncover the assassin and foil their attempts to take out one of the party goers. They later learned that the assassin was a member of the gray skull. The PCs also attended the seance and were told of an ominous prophecy.

Rewards: 10 Salvation

King of Kings

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