Jack "Lone Star" Reeves

Name: Jack “Lone Star” Reeves
Date of Birth:
Calling: Undertaker
Titles: N/A
National Origin: Galveston, Texas, United States of America
Close Family:
Seth Dougherty (Brother-in-law)
Jillian Dougherty (Sister)
Robert Reeves (Brother)
PC Connections: Lord Maximilian Druthers
Organizational affiliation(s): Oxford and Bleaker LLC
Handsome Caucasian, Male, 6 foot,
170 lb/12 Stone, Ice Blue eyes, Broad Shouldered
This quick witted son of a gun hales from the Americas, namely the south central or what’s left of it that is. He started his life as a rancher’s son, a family business on land leased out by folks of higher status. Granted all the land used for this is very close to and connected to the walled cities remaining Houston and Galveston in the great state of TX. Horses, cows, sheep, pigs are all breed and farmed for the rich luxury market it is. Richer foke like there real meat and not tainted, life as a rancher used to be difficult hard work now its hard and very dangerous the deadly sort. Not only did Jack and his siblings grow up learning to animal husbandry and to ride horses. The dangers of bandits, wolves, and animates not to mention the other things that go bumpin the night. Jack’s father just like his father had a solution for everything work hard, drink hard and shot first ask questions later. Most of what jack can remember about his younger years is some of his family spending time riding and some school, his memory gets better around his teenyears with learning tracking with his grandfather and driving some carriages for the more well to do of the area. Also remembers his mother coming down and succumbing to her illness.

In his 20’s he had gotten really good tracking and identifying untainted pray, playing instruments and wooing the ladies. His best skills came into play defending the Ranch and some train shipments for the Layfiate Trading company. Jack’s grandmother always would say well ”Say what you will about the Layfiate Trading company, but there resourceful and crafty but they pay well”. The last thing Jack remembers before the accident was his father and grandfather dying of wounds sustained by a windigo. They did not go out without a fight we lost a good number of livestock and men that night and at least took that beast down. Next thing you know he was signing a contract to bail his brother out of some trouble and gain enough funds to own the ranch outright for the family, what was left of it. All he remembers getting on that couch and then its a blank…

Next thing I know I’m waking up on a ship headed to London, wanted in America for god knows what and in a mountain of debt. This wheeling dealing son of a gun, could not remember how he got tin this shit situation but get that it any good. After being brought into the smoggy city of London and handed a gasmask form a man that looked like death himself and an address to repot to to pay off his debt when called. Homeless in a forin country wanted back home for an unknown crime and in a mountain of debt, not to mention being told his brother is dead. Lone Star found himself using his hauntingly beautiful charm and looks to gain some friends high and low along with making money in bars playing some good songs. After a month in London at one of the bars he found himself with an undertaker licence thanks to some new friends and mighty good at the work. Ruth enjoyed his music and the too got to talking when she was in the bar after two months of running in to one another Ruth invited Lone Star to join her company.

Shortly after that he ran into the divers group she had found, and when not crashing on the couch at the company house, found a new friend there a rich fun fella letting him stay at his place and drive him from time to time. On one of these drives he joined Lord Maximilion Druthers to a party and then found himself falling head over spers for a lovely noble lady and with i’m being charming and cleaned up they hit it off. Lady Eleanor most of the time he can he spends with her and entertaining her fancy. Lone Star happened to be wastinding it collecting jaws when he returned he heard the devastating news about Ruth’s passing.

Jack "Lone Star" Reeves

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