Emily Webster


Name: Emily Webster
Date of birth: 10/14/2085
Calling: Aristocrat
Titles: Lady
National origin: England
Organizational affiliation(s):

Appearance: Well dressed like many of her station. Emily forgoes most of the jewelry and make up that many proper neo-victorian women would opt for. Generally in a bad mood which is clear from serious appearance and mannerisms.

Backstory: The first born child of Marquis Micheal Webster and Marquess Haley Webster, Emily was very well educated and quickly picked up the social equiete of neo-victorian society. After the birth of her younger brother Nolan Webster, Emily was no longer set to inherit her father’s title and estate. As her and her brother aged, it became painfully clear that Nolan Webster was going to make a terrible noble in general and eventually the insult became too grave for Emily to handle. According to her journal entries, she managed to get ahold of dangerous anarchist movement members and eventually persuaded them to organize and carry out an attack on her father’s end of the summer party. Since the party she has been missing.

Emily Webster

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