Bill the ghost


Name: Bill
Date of birth: ?
Calling: ?
Titles: ??
National origin: ?
Organizational affiliation(s): British government and London University’s Parapsychology department

Appearance: Ghostly in appearance in that he’s often transparent, Bill is seen in the garb of a member of the queen’s guard and appears to have a massive wound permanently on his side and hip. Usually in good spirits, he can be seen floating around and is far more sociable and friendly than most Ghosts

Backstory: Wanda Newburry of London University’s Parapsychology department found Bill one day while helping clean spirits out of a building in London but took a fancy to him and instead of putting him in the central holding tank, allowed him to linger in her office on the campus. Little is known about how long he’s been a ghost or what caused his demise but occasionally he seems to recall bits of his past.

Bill the ghost

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